Optimum Design Services

About Us

Formed in July 2000, Optimum Design Services work on a freelance contract basis, providing 2D space planning and detailed design work, 3D visuals and 3D animation walkthrough's to help with planning and consultation.

Before we embark on any detailed space planned design we recommend that a detailed furniture and storage audit is completed. This is a valuable tool that ultimately provides greater understanding of the brief and enables us to create the optimum design for you.

We are also able to provide any company with an accurate and high standard internal survey using laser guided equipment.

Client flexibility is the key to Optimum Design Services as we have the capacity to work directly with customers either on site, at their own establishment or from our own offices.

3D Visual Presentations

Working in partnership with one of the leading and innovative operators in this field, we can provide 3D visual images that are practically photographic quality – images so real that you could almost be there!

Having access to high quality presentation material and 3D visual images enables us to give you a greater understanding of the final design.

In practice, we find that in most cases this is the key tool within the decision making process, especially following the presentation of 3D Animation Walkthrough which enables the client to not only look at 3D visuals, but also allows them to “fly round” the design/building.